Christmas Minis 2020

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Nov 18, 2020

Welcome to Christmas Minis 2020

Location for Minis: Patriot’s Pasture 6641 Cty Hwy B Pittsville, WI  

I can’t wait to see you! There are some super fun things for us to share this year. 🙂 We have an amazing experience to share with you this year. Everything from horses to a sleigh, to baby pigs! We love this!

We will have a snow machine on hand, while it can be loud, it is also a ton of fun. If your kiddo is sensitive to loud noises, please let us know.

First, a few notes to help your session be as awesome as it can be. Due to COVID, there’s a few differences this year to keep all of us safe.

  1. Be on time. Sessions are back to back so please arrive a few minutes early for your session and wait in the designated area in your car. We will come get you as soon as it’s your turn. 
  2. Socially Distance. COVID rates are high in our area right now, and we want to make sure we all stay safe. I will be masked for sessions. So as much as I would love to wrap you up in a hug – I’ll toss you a smile and an air five. I’m adding special “tools” to help kiddos smile. (“Tools” includes a fart machine, monkey on my camera, handy assistant, and new jokes) Also – reschedule your appointment if anyone in your family is ill or has been in contact with a COVID case in the last two weeks. 
  3. Bring a Blanket. Normally I have a few blankets on hand for setting on the ground, cuddling and playing with, but I won’t be able to wash these after every session. So, I’m encouraging you to bring a blanket with you! These work great for a few fun games, sitting poses, and cold kiddos.
  4. Dress for the Weather. Temps are looking cold this year. Make sure to dress for the weather! It’s often windy! If you have that favorite outfit for the kids –add an extra layer underneath. Cold kiddos make for fake smiles, and we want happy, real smiles. 😊 A jacket and gloves look adorable in pictures too, especially with a great smile.
  5. Bring Rewards with You. I have learned a fun trick this year. Instead of ice cream after the session – bring small rewards that can be given immediately for cooperating. Chocolate chips, puffs, MMs, gummy bears – all make great treats to give one per smile if kiddos are having an off day and can help save an otherwise grumpy session.
  6. The Setting: I will have a sleigh for sitting, a pony for petting, and a beautiful space. This is an active farm! (There will be a liability release to sign when you arrive.) The active farm and real animals means that we need to keep kiddos close – no running or yelling. (We don’t want to scare the animals!)
  7. Payment. I need to coordinate payment to be as contactless as possible. If you are willing to pay by PayPal I will send an invoice to your email. If yes, please message me with your PayPal email. If not, please have payment ready at time of session. (Cash, Check, or Credit Card)
  8. RAIN PROCEDURE. Rain is an unfortunate reality when doing sessions outdoors. In the case of rain, we will need to reschedule. I will send a message if sessions are rained out.

Please contact me with any questions. I’m so excited to see all of you!!! I’m sending out a questionnaire as soon as I can to make this go even smoother!

Huge thank you to Patriot’s Pasture for letting us use the farm this year! If you haven’t had a chance – check them out on Facebook! They hold events throughout the year and have an awesome mission with their farm.

Just in case we haven’t met in person, this is me! And then keep scrolling for some fun previews!

This is me and the beautiful Sully!

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