Lainey | 9 Month Milestone


Nov 18, 2020

5-11-19 Original Post Date

Sweet Miss Lainey

I met sweet Miss Lainey when her family moved here less than a year ago. She was a tiny little one! 

We did newborn pictures for Lainey and one even made it to the top 30% of the Shoot and Share Competition! (I’ll post that one at the end so you can see how much she’s grown)

I love doing milestone pictures as baby grows during the first year. By capturing each stage, you can hold on to their precious baby-ness just a little longer. I love giving them time to play and open up so that we get come expressions that are playful and unique to each little one. 

Lainey has the most luscious rolls I have ever seen. I just LOVE how cuddley and perfectly squishy this healthy baby is. 

Her older sister, Bryn, did a fabulous job of roaring like a lion and knowing just how to make her smile. So when you see her looking off to the side, I can guarantee she was enjoying quite the show. 🙂

Thanks for spending some time with me Katelyn!

Love and Light,


9 Month Old Baby in Studio

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