Nicole | Graduation Celebration | Wenzel Plaza Marshfield, WI

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Nov 18, 2020

I truly admire people who have returned to school as adults with families. I did this a few years ago before I had a family and it was incredibly difficult to find time for school and work. I couldn’t even imagine the sacrifice, dedication and perseverance required of those who do this with children to take care of as well. They deserve all of the cheers and celebrations. 
That’s probably part of why Nicole’s story touched my heart the way it did. Life doesn’t always go the way we plan it. And sometimes, it takes a few turns on the way to being where we would like it to be. Moving for big plans that didn’t pan out meant that she had to pivot and try a different direction. Knowing well just how hard that pivot can be to make – I admired her all the more. Nicole was graduating from Nursing school as the pandemic was pressing in on the country this spring and wasn’t able to do a traditional ceremony and party like we’re accustomed to. So we made a different plan. A short session for just her – to celebrate the badass amazing woman she is and the incredible achievement she was marking. 
Nicole is a wonderful woman. From the moment I met her I could tell – She’s strong and bright, cheery and fun. I was tickled pink when she showed up with killer heels and her book bag. She was a lady after my own heart. Her teenage daughter came along and helped make sure mom looked awesome. I could see how proud she was too. 🙂 
We laughed our way through her session, ending our time together as new friends.  I know if I were ever to need care, I’d be blessed to find this lovely lady coming into the room. Thank you for being you! And I hope you had an amazing celebration! 
Love and Light, 


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