Cole Turns 3!


May 20, 2021

I always get really excited to go to family farms when doing photos for the families. There is something so special about growing up on a farm so close to nature, animals, and family. This one is extra special because years ago, I happened to be a plus one at mom and dad’s wedding so seeing their family grow has been such a joy! (It’s a small world!) Their engagement story is still one of my favorites. I’ve often remembered it when wandering Fleet Farm. 🙂

This session though – we were focused in on Mr. Cole. Cole is turning a big 3 years old and we got to celebrate with some photos of him around the farm – just being himself.

This little boy stole my heart. Cole has an adventurous spirit. He’s a fierce tricycle rider. He has the biggest heart – picking flowers for me after only visiting a little while. I melted everytime he yelled, “Hey Matasha wach dis!” His love for his big sister was evident from the beginning. And nothing beats a kiddo who loves mom and dad so much that he watches dad plow in the fields from any little perch he finds. When he got a boo boo – mom and a popsicle had it covered.

This sweet boy is precious. I have loved watching him grow from last year to this year. Cheers to many more! <3

Love and Light,


This is Grandpa’s tractor! <3
Birthday Boy celebrates on family farm with photo session

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