Malakai Turns 2


Jun 4, 2021

Hamus Nature Preserve | Marshfield, WI | Milestone Family Photo Mini Session

Fire trucks, dump trucks, and his 4 wheeler lit up this boy’s face. From adorable suspicion to elated joy in an instant. Mom totally knew the way to her sweet boy’s heart. Malakai may have been initially less than excited to have family photos but bringing out his favorite toys and getting special one on one play time did the trick!

He was so happy getting to play and left me a few moments to squeeze in some photos of just mom and dad to make the day extra special. It’s so easy to get busy focusing on the kiddos that mom and dad rarely end up in the frame together. I do my best to make sure this happens at every family photos session – whether a full or a mini! It only takes a moment, and that love is worth celebrating. It created the whole amazing family. <3

One of my favorite parts of these family photos is the rocking chair that Mom and Dad brought with them. Each year, they take photos in it to update on the wall. I love the idea of getting to see beside a static object just how much little ones grow each year. It’s such a good idea!

Malakai and his family joined me on a gorgeous day at Hamus Nature Preserve in Marshfield, WI to celebrate his 2nd birthday with fun family photos. They had moved to the area in the midst of the pandemic and are still exploring their new home. I love getting to meet with families that are new to the area! It’s so fun to introduce them to hidden gems like Hamus! Just in case you haven’t been there to enjoy this weather – check it out ->

Love and Light,


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