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May 1, 2023

Mommy + Me Minis Day 1
April 29, 2023
Mill Creek Gardens

Moms are often the ones behind the camera capturing all the memories and fun. While we can’t provide go-go gadget (offt – showing my age) extending arms on a daily basis; we love getting to put mom in the frame whenever we can!

It was so nice to wake up to rain and snow and still be able to move forward with beautiful, warm photos! Flowers in bloom and green everywhere despite the weather outside. There’s nothing that will boost your mood during a late spring like a visit to Mill Creek Garden‘s greenhouses.

The tropical feel put everyone at ease. We were able to get kiddos playing with mom in no time! <3 I love the connection and joy in these photos. While I know it’s special to mom to have these photos, I can’t help but think about how priceless they will be to the kiddos some day too.

We still have a few available next week if you missed this week. šŸ˜‰ Book yours HERE.

I can’t wait to see you soon!



A special note: While we call them Mommy + Me Minis, everyone is welcome. You’ll see some families, kiddos, newborns, and some grandparents coming in. We might even have a couple or two next week. I love it. The variety is beautiful. Embrace your season. Celebrate your now. Just message me so I can have everything I need on hand. šŸ˜‰

A second note: I couldn’t even wait on final edits – these are just the previews!!!

Mill Creek’s recent expansion is STUNNING.

Don’t miss these! Book yours here!

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