Early Spring Family Session | Hamus Nature Preserve, Marshfield, WI


Mar 12, 2024

Spring in Wisconsin is a special kind of beautiful. While I love when the flowers start to bloom and green fills the landscape – there’s a time right before that and it holds my little photographer heart captive. Have you noticed how all the neutral light brown colors GLOW at sunset right now? The way the tiny buds just starting to show look like little green glowing puffs as the sun streams through. I have stars in my eyes just thinking about it. <3

This sweet family braved the chilly spring air for a family session and I just love the way it glows.

Mom and Dad are from Texas so the chilly air was a bit of a complication! They were troopers and toughed it out with smiles on their faces.

Their little guy was a 2 year old ball of energy that never stopped moving. He was wonderful. Full of curiosity and ready to explore the world.

When little ones have this much energy, sitting and smiling isn’t always an option. So we kept things moving, played some games, and did a lot of chasing. It may have felt like chaos in the moment but the photos are such a beautiful representation of what life really looks like for them right now with a busy little guy. I love that about them.

OK – I better sign off, but I’m already scheming on how to get out at sunset tonight after looking at these again. That light really is stunning.

Love and light,


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