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Nov 12, 2020


I recently teamed up with some amazing moms who have come together in a Breastfeeding Coalition to promote the normalization of breastfeeding while teaching all about how beneficial it is. These moms come from all different backgrounds and each have their own beautiful story. The Coalition will be hosting an event in August called “Latch On”. And I agreed to help them with some photos to help them promote the portraits that we will be doing then as well. 

Donating my time to my community is a pillar of my business. I truly believe in not only a spirit of generosity, but acting on it  – bringing generosity to my community in a tangible way. I want my business to enhance the community it exists in. So I’m proud to be featuring this amazing group of women here on the blog! Meet the Wood County Breastfeeding Coalition: 

Rachel’s breastfeeding journey.
(As told by Rachel)

Before I became an OB nurse, I honestly knew very little about breastfeeding. Never really thought about it honestly.

A year into my career as a labor and delivery nurse, I THOUGHT I knew a lot but really I was still clueless. As a nurse, I found it hard to help moms nurse. I was not supportive. I really was not much help to them at all.

So what changed? I attended a conference that changed my career and my life. For real. I went to the WALC (Wisconsin Area Lactation Consultants) conference with my own agenda and I left completely changed!

I finally understood the importance of skin to skin, the nutritional value of breastmilk, and the many many benefits. I knew immediately after attending the WALC conference that I’d be a breastfeeding momma and an advocate for nursing mothers.

Over the last 12 years I’ve attended many more WALC conferences, obtained my IBCLC, assisted hundreds of nursing mothers, and nursed 4 children over 60 months and counting.

I’ve been an active member of the Wood County Breastfeeding Coalition for the last 7 years and the Wisconsin Breastfeeding Coalition summit coordinator for the last 3 years.

I feel like my education combined with experience gives me a unique perspective as an advocate for nursing mothers. I continue to strive to support breastfeeding moms while increasing awareness of the benefits of breastmilk.

Working with the coalition has given me a voice to desexualize breasts and normalize breastfeeding regardless of the environment. ❤️

Breastfeeding portrait Wisconsin photographer

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