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Nov 18, 2020

I’ve been getting emails lately, so sweetly concerned for me and my family and asking where the blog went. Good question! I’ve been silent for a LONG time. So long in fact, that this blog will have maternity, newborn, and 6 month pictures on it. For the same sweet baby. 

Truth is – I’m just like everyone else. This COVID thing has been a real challenge for all of us. And for us, that’s meant a ton of time adjusting to working from home with the kids and this whole new way of life. My husband and I are both high risk for complications so we’ve taken strict measures to combat the spread and protect our family. We’ve also taken up new hobbies (Y’all – I can cook now! but that’s only the start of it….) and attempted homeschooling, and the business has grown! 

This last email about the blog really tugged on my heart and inspired me to pick it back up again. Now that we are established in some routines; I should totally be able to do it! So, enough about me – here we go! This is a good one y’all.

Melissa and Jared Welcome Baby Ezra

Melissa and Jared squeezed in a quick maternity session right before baby Ezra arrived. Melissa was having some complications and wanted to ensure we got the pictures before the birth. I’m so glad she did. They are gorgeous – and we were friends from hello! 

Melissa and Jared had just moved here from California (she rocked these for being frozen half to death!). The ice was so slippery that we penguin shuffled the whole way down the path but it was so worth it! We were a little creative on location because of our time constraints – and I couldn’t be happier with the results. 😀 

I wish I could say it was all smooth sailing from here – but it wasn’t. Melissa suffered a stroke and seizure during delivery and almost didn’t make it. Thank goodness they were in good hands and Melissa was able to come home shortly after. When she came in for her newborn session – she was still healing. She had little answers and was still struggling to use half of her body. Thankfully, her baby was healthy. Ezra may have had a rough delivery, but he was happy and healthy. During his session, all he wanted was mama and milkies – I mean, who could blame him? It wasn’t until mama saved the day with his special blanket and the one song he settled in with- Kinna Grannis “Yellow”. Shortly before, Melissa had lost a dear friend and this song was on the memorial that she watched over and over. Ezra recognized it, loved it, and drifted off to sleep. The photos weren’t my normal posed photos. And I think that may be why I love them so much. He was so natural, so at peace. What was clear above all else – is how loved he was.

Jared was a huge sport with us. Melissa and I clicked right away as if we had been childhood friends and chattered the whole time. He even brought us coffees while we did photos! I mean, what an awesome guy! These two were clearly still in love and happy. It was beautiful to watch. 

I’ve been blessed that Melissa and I have kept in touch. And over the months I’ve been able to witness her healing journey and cheer with her as she regained her strength. While we haven’t had many chances to hang out in person (darn covid), I’ve treasured our time together! So when she had me come over for photos with Ezra at 6 months (HOW in the world has it been SIX months?!) I jumped at the chance. 

Ezra is a handsome little chunky monkey and I wish I could just squeeze him!!!!! He is precious and so smiley! But boy oh boy – does he LOVE his mama. Just wait until you see that smile! 



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