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Nov 18, 2020

Meet The Wegners

Janelle and Charlie are one of those amazing couples that radiates love. From the moment I met them, I was drawn in – by their easygoing, loving, and peaceful family. And the animals. Always the animals. 

Janelle and Charlie live on and run a beautiful farm and were gracious enough to have me out to do some photos for them late last fall. Between the baby cows and kitten that kept hopping on my back – it felt like home. Their family was warm, welcoming, and so unbelievably kind. 

Liam, their son, is a true farm kid. I loved watching him run around with his little red tractor and plucking apples off the tree for his snack. He was so full of joy and energy – despite having skipped his nap! He gave me a run for my money for sure. And I loved every second. We played games, rode tractors, dug in the dirt, and explored the farm. When taking photos of mom and dad, I often had Liam as a second shooter right beside me. <3 

My instant affinity for this adorable boy is probably why I almost had a heart attack when I was sneaking some photos of him running only for him to lean over and throw up. I heard myself gasp. I felt so bad for him and was worried. His mom sprang into action – cleaned his shirt, found the rotten apple, and put him back to playing. I was amazed. It’s such an honor to be around other women that make me a better mom. I learned more from her in that moment than a weeks worth of reading. Liam was off and running – having a blast and totally healthy. It was such a good reminder to not sweat the small stuff. I knew then and there – I was going to end up friends with this mama!!! 

I was thankful to grab some shots of Janelle and Charlie on their own as well – because- my goodness – those two are crazy in love. That kind of love needs to be documented. Plus, it was so much fun! 

This session also wakened something in me and lit my heart on fire. I love this. I love capturing connection. I love capturing people as they are – authentically. And I love giving them memories that they won’t just enjoy beautifully on their wall, but that they will be able to slide right back into those moment when life felt just like that. Kids grow up too fast. Life has rough patches. Memories like these can be salve in those wounds. They can be our peace in storms. And they can preserve a moment for us to enjoy over and over. Spending time with this beautiful family that simply said, “Do your thing- we trust you.” reminded me that my heart lies in authentic connections and memories that come to life. I can’t wait to continue growing in this space. Refreshing my purpose, refining my business. It’s all about the LOVE. 

Janelle, Charlie, and Liam – thank you so much for letting me come hang out on your farm. I can’t wait to see you again soon. 🙂 

Farm Family Photography Session

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